Instant WordPress Jobsite Plugin

WPJobPlugin is a WordPress Plugin for Indeed API to get all the latest jobs included on your WordPress site. It’s super fast and lightweight and SEO optimized + you can even make money with their Indeed Publisher Program!

  • Create an instant job search functionality to your WordPress site
  • Search-engine Mode or Fixed Niche Job site.
  • WordPress and Location Search.
  • Restrict to fixed Country
  • Sort by date or relevance
  • Search Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Internship, Temporary jobs
  • Content is indexable for search engine (no Javascript)
  • SEO optimized Wordpress titles
  • Plugin settings
  • Superfast & lightweight
  • Easy to use!

WPJobPlugin Sites in Action

It’s very easy to add job search functionality to your website and can be used for almost any niche.

Download WPJobPlugin

Job Search Engine or Fixed Niche Job Site

Job Search or Fixed Niche

With WordPress job plugin you can create your own job search engine or you can choose to create a fixed niche job site to match the content of your website’s niche.

Add Job Content to your website in a few seconds

Say for example you have Gaming Website, you can now add “Game Developer jobs” to your website or a Racing news Website you can add “Racing Mechanic jobs” or “Racing Driver jobs”. Imagine there are over 1.000.000+ jobs on Indeed, the possibilities are endless to add some specific Niche jobs to your website.